Cadet Council

An organization always works effectively if every element is inter linked. MCM Commandant Brigadier Naseem Abbas devised a method of getting feedback from every body through formation of Cadet Council.  Cadet Council  at  MCM provides  a  platform  for  encouraging/promoting  leadership  qualities  in  the  Cadets.  It is organized and conducted by Cadets and supervised by Offrs. The Council guides  the  formation,  review  and  improvement  of  the  existing  system  through  a  collaborative effort.  It is comprehensive in scope, proactive in design and developmental in nature to improve the system. It reflects an all-encompassing approach for improvement of the training regime.  The  aim  of  forming  Cadet  Council  is  to  facilitate  Cadets' personality  development  by  incorporating  their  feedback  in  the  decision  making process  for  the  authorities.  The  cadets  enthusiastically  participate  in  the  meeting and give  their  input  about  various  aspects  of  the  College  matters  along  with  their suggestion  and  recommendations.  It  is  heartening  to  see  that  the  Cadets  hotly contest  for  their  points  and  display  highest  sense  of  confidence  while vociferously conveying  their  recommendations  and  observations.  Cadet  Council  has  improved coordination  and  understanding  amongst  the  administration,  the  Faculty  and  the Cadets.  Although  it  is  a  new  concept  to  be  devised  at  an  institution  which  is  sponsored by  the  Pakistan Army but  this  has  also  removed  many hurdles  towards  creating  a better ,  healthier  and  more  enviable  system  at  MCM.