7th Inter National Rescuers’ Competition Azerbaijan

7th Inter National Rescuers’ Competition Azerbaijan

The competition was held in the Republic of Azerbaijan by Ministry of Emergency Situations in association with Ministry of Education and Ministry of Youth & Sports. This competition induces a self-relying and responsible attitude in young people so that they can skillfully face challenges/hardships of practical life. It boosts friendship and comradeship to integrate regional cultures and to strength cooperation among the participating countries. Ministry of Emergency Situations, Government of Azerbaijan welcomed teams of several countries to participate in this competition. Teams of following countries participated in the competition:-

 a.         Pakistan              b.         Azerbaijan              c.         Georgia              d.         Russia              e.         Romania              f.          Belarus              g.         Kazakhstan-I

 h.          Kazakhstan-II    I.          Kazakhstan-III         j.        Bulgaria              k.          Turkey             m. Qatar

            A contingent of 5 x persons from Military College Murree participated in this ompetition:-

  •  PA-38814  Lt Col Zillay Hussain Dar, AEC
  • House Prefect  Rafaqat Naseem        House Prefect Jamshid Ahmed Anjum   Seceterary Literary Society Awais Feroz  Sorts Seceratry  Muhammad Tala

 The competition consisted of five stages and was very rewarding in many aspects i.e. a unique international  experience and exposure for our cadets irrespective of the results. Keeping in view all odds and limitations our team (only four team members from Pakistan and rest arranged from Azerbaijan) performed extremely well. Some of the success stories are as under:-

4th position  in Wall News   6th position in Cultural Presentation    7th position in Search and Rescue Work   6th  position in Obstacles Contest  5th position in Fire Baton Relay