Fundamental Paradigm

College Monument

When Commandant Brig Arshad Mahmood took over the command of MCM, he had a strong desire to let the College attain its own identity. Every institution has a central and focal point where all the alumni gather to pay their homage to their Alma Mater. MCM had yet to establish that focal point which was provided by the arrival of the new Commandant to the College. MCM has made a place for itself amongst the contemporary institutions on the basis of performance of its cadets in every field. How come an academic institution of this caliber could not represent itself prove a monument which would reflect its achievements in every area. It was this desire which became a compelling reason behind designing of a college monument. The College monument has been designed after a lot of creative efforts and placed in the court yard before the Academic Block which represents befittingly the past, the present and the future of the College.