Fundamental Paradigm

House Mottos, Insignia

There used to be five Houses in the College. One more House has been added for the Junior Cadets of Class 8th which has been named after Captain Sarwar Shaheed (NH). The House system provides a vehicle and a focus for the Himalians. It inculcates in them an additional sense of belonging within the larger population of the College. It also gives them opportunities to promote their leadership skills and find or become mentors for others. The co/extracurricular activities are thus participated by the Cadets on the basis of their House affiliations which produces in them team spirit and positive sense of competition. Cadets and Officers belong to one of six Houses. This year Commandant took keen interest that the House mottos, insignia and colour were selected, redeveloped and displayed. A lot of creative effort went behind suggesting these. These will now represent the Houses and their affiliated Cadets.