Fundamental Paradigm

College Flag

Every institution has its own culture and history that leaves an indelible mark on its alumni. It is natural for them to be proud of that history and their connection to it. There are plenty of times when it is appropriate to show that pride to the world. Many old veterans choose to wear their Alma Mater’s colours on special events or wear some shirt embroidered with the mascot. This flag is always a unifying symbol which has deeper association with the purpose and aim of the institution. MCM is basically a feeder institution to Pakistan Military Academy and as such there was a dire need to devise a flag which could reflect association with Pakistan Army. The Himalians are always geared up to join Pakistan Army. It was this desire which inspired linking up college flag with Pak Army. Consequently the colour of the college flag which used to be “Red” has been changed to “Green” which is the official colour of Pakistan Army.