Fundamental Paradigm

College Emblem

Cambridge Dictionary defines a college motto as “a short sentence or phrase that expresses a belief or purpose”. It reveals a lot about the ethos and culture of that institution. It is also a crucial part of how an institution appears to outsiders and is a big source of inspiration for the students. It also encourages association amongst the students and with the institution. A unifying motto gives students, teachers and alumni of the same institution something that binds them together. These mottos have the power to capture the attention of the aspirant candidates. There was also a deeper realization about the selection of a college motto at MCM which will tie the Cadets of this institution into a single knot. It was understood that in an ever-changing life landscape, it is important to keep tradition alive, but it is also important to know a motto needs a new lease of life. These were the factors attracted the attention of the College authorities and the College motto was selected after a long deliberation and discussion. Now CHARACTER, COURAGE AND COMMITMENTwill adorn every nook and corner of the College. This will become the hallmark of the Himalians.