Faculty Of Sciences

Group Head Science

Lt Col Haroon Hamid

Senior Instructor & Group Head Science

Lt Col Haroon Hamid, AEC got commission in Pak Army in Nov 2000. He was posted as GSO-III (Edn) in HQ Engr Cen, Risalpur where he administered Cen’s Edn Trg School, Mil Sta Lib and also got opportunity to teach chemistry at MCE, Risalpur as TVF(Temporary Visiting Faculty) to future’s mil engrs. He was posted in May 2003 as GSO III (Edn) in HQ 29 Bde, Zhob where offrs was assigned the tasks of looking-after Bde’s Edn School, Mil Sta Lib and APS Zhob. Offr was later on posted to MCJ, Jmr (May 05 to May 2011), MCM, Mre (May 11 to Sep 14), MCS (B) Sui and also aval the opportunity of secondment to KSA as Eng Lang Instr at Mahud-ul-Lughaat-al-Askaria, Riyadh (Oct 15 to Sep 18). On re-patriation, he was posted back to MCS (B) Sui as Instr Cl”A” and served as Hod Chem Dept, HM (JH), Gp Head Sci and GSO-I (trg) as per assigned tasks. At Presently, offr is serving as SI in MCM, Mre. As achievements, offr is credited with holding record of staying as “Best Instr” at all the three MCs and holding the honour of clinching “Best Instr Eng” among all intl eng faculty at Mahud-ul-Lughaat-al-Askaria, Riyadh bringing good name for own Pakistani Deputationists and for the motherland. At MCS-(B), Sui offr got and played a remarkable role in mentoring, polishing and grooming the hidden-spark of Baloch cadets (in specific) in-order to dev strong faith in them of being true Pakistanis.

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