Commandant's Vision

Military College Murree, located on famous Upper Topa, The Murree Hills, provides a very beautiful, tranquil and serene environment. Combined with the healthy and invigorating climate, it provides ideal conditions for academics, sports and co-curricular activities. This location was once a hostel for British soldiers in late 19th Century. Later on, it became Forest Staff College. In 1950, Pakistan Army established School of Army Education here which was disbanded in 2008 and MCM was established the same year.
      The concept of boarding schools is not new. It has a number of advantages which attract the students to join. Boarding schools have elaborate facilities for sports and ample opportunities for co-curricular pursuits for the students who live together in a competitive as well as friendly environment. A healthy sense of competition arises among the students which results in better performance in all facets of the personality. Last but not the least, boarding schools make their students independent and responsible. Such variant activities demand great dedication from the faculty too.
      Military College Murree has come up as a renowned boarding school of Pakistan in a short period of time. Due to tremendous efforts made by its faculty and administration, high targets have been achieved. Due to special and conducive environment provided, there remains no reason for failing to achieve such goals.
      “Himalians” have been prepared and conditioned during their impressionable years of youth at MCM. Their natural propensities for effective teamwork and strong communication skills actually draw from the years of intimate comradeship, developed in the dorms of their boarding houses and in the sports fields. Their eloquence and intellectual robustness are nothing but the reflection of their insightful and heated discourses in joint classes or the after-dinner strolls . Academic excellence has always been the focal point of our priorities at MCM because we know that it plays a pivotal role in the proper placements of our graduates in the society. MCM has produced many high achievers including a winner of sword of honor at Pakistan Military Academy. A number of “Himalians” have reached foreign military academies.
      A well-rounded personality, built on the core values of character, integrity, intellectual superiority and commitment has always been at the center-stage of grooming at MCM. This is why, MCM alumni in the armed forces or in the fields of science, technology or business etcetera are fighting well their way to the top. Himalians always lead from the front. As true for life in general, not everything will go right, all the time, in a boarder's life. We need to deal with occasional challenges; knowing or finding solutions is also a part of growth and resilience. Our teachers, students and support staff are among the very best who work tirelessly and with devotion availing every opportunity to create very encouraging environment.
      A very important segment of student-parent-school triangle is the parent. Quality and frequency of communication between school and home is crucial. Parents need to know their boys are well looked after, well occupied, and have access to advice and academic guidance. It is crucial that parents are kept informed and they feel welcomed contacting us.

Brigadier Muhammad Kamran Aslam
Commandant  Military College Murree